Aji Amarillo, 35g This Peruvian chilli , with an aroma of raisins, is used with potatoes and other root vegetables, and also with pork and seafood dishes. Heatscale 7/10 Unit price: £4.99 (approx. €5.59)
Ancho, 45g This is the dried Poblano chilli and on the heat scale about 3-4/10. A rich flavour of tobacco, prune and raisin. This chilli is so versatile that due to its heatscale it can be used in most dishes were flavour is needed rather then heat. Unit price: £4.99 (approx. €5.59)
Ancho Powder, 25g Combines well with most spices. bay, coriander, coconut, lemon and lime. Very warm rich fruity flavour. 3-4/10. Unit price: £3.99 (approx. €4.47)
Birdseye, 35g This tiny red chilli is often used to give a finishing flavour to a dish. They are fiercely hot. Heatscale 9/10 Unit price: £4.99 (approx. €5.59) This product is also available in a tin
Cascabel, 35g Also called little rattle, this round, brownish chilli on the heat scale of 4-5/10 has a smoky flavour and nutty taste after toasting. Unit price: £4.99 (approx. €5.59)
Cayenne Pepper - Whole, 40g 8/10 on the heat scale with a pungent, tart, slightly smoky flavour, great with any dish. Unit price: £4.99 (approx. €5.59)
Cayenne Pepper, Ground, 50g This one comes from the Caribbean and has a very tart, almost citrus flavoured taste. 8/10 Unit price: £3.35 (approx. €3.75) This product is also available in a tin
Chilli String- fresh Dutch chillies, 40 chillies This chilli string of about 50 fresh Mozambique chillies will eventually dry and will last for a long time hanging in your kitchen. The leaves in between are bay leaves and can also be used in cooking. 5/10 Unit price: £18.50 (approx. €20.72)
Chipotle powder, 25g Add a sprinkle of this to any dish for that finishing flavour. fantastic. Unit price: £4.55 (approx. €5.10)
Chipotle flakes, 25g Great added to pasta, bean, and vegetable dishes, or soak them and use in salad dressing. Unit price: £4.99 (approx. €5.59)
Chipotles, 45g The smoke-dried Jalapeno, with a sweet, chocolatey smell and taste. Often used whole to flavour soups and stews. Soaked and pureeed it is also used in sauces. 6-7/10 Unit price: £4.99 (approx. €5.59)
Danger Chilli Extract - 6.4 mio Scoville Units , 30ml 6.4 MILLION SCOVILLE HEAT UNITS CHILLI OLEORESIN EXTRACT!!! The strongest extract we could source. This is not for the faint-hearted, nor should it ever be used on its own. Use it only blended for making sauces or oils. We will not be held responsible for any damage suffered due to inappropriate use. Unit price: £20.00 (approx. €22.40)
De Arbol, 25g Thin, deep red and shiny, with a hint of liquorice flavour. Use in vegetable dishes, with cheese and in sauces. 6-7/10 Unit price: £4.99 (approx. €5.59)
Devils Penis, 35g Tiny red chilli with a hint of celery. Hot, hot, hot, 10/10 Unit price: £5.95 (approx. €6.66)
Facing Heaven, 20g This most unusual chilli comes from the Sichuan region in China and is a cone shaped, deep red chilli on the scale of 7/10 with a very warm but tart flavour. Unit price: £5.99 (approx. €6.71)
Guajillo, 40g Slightly smoky in flavour, this chilli is best used soaked and then added to dishes for extra piquancy. Unit price: £4.99 (approx. €5.59)
Habanero Flakes, 25g The hottest of them all. 10/10 it is mostly used in Yucatan, either raw or roasted, to flavour beans and sauces. For a hot sauce, blend roasted habaneros with salt and lime juice. Unit price: £4.65 (approx. €5.21)
Habaneros, 25g this scotch bonnet habanero is one on the heat scale of 10/10 and just new in so seasonal buy it now Unit price: £4.99 (approx. €5.59)
Jalapeno flakes, 35g Bright green chilli flakes, great in salsas, soups, salads and BBQed meats. Heat scale 5-6/10 Unit price: £3.99 (approx. €4.47)
Kashmiri Chilli - Whole, 35g A rich, warm, fruity, sun ripened flavour, medium hot and fantastic for all dishes. Unit price: £4.99 (approx. €5.59)
Kashmiri Chilli Powder, 50g A rich, warm, fruity, sun ripened flavour, medium hot and fantastic for all dishes. Unit price: £3.95 (approx. €4.42)
Large Chilli Growing Kit, 1 box All the equipment you need to grow 20 chilli plants at the same time: 6 x packet of seeds Hungarian Hot Wax, Apache, Pepperoncini, Anaheim, White Habanero and Corno di Toro, 120 seeds in all) It contains: A propagator & lid, plants labels and pencil, 100ml of chilli plant feed, 20 peat-free plus to grow your seeds in and full instructions. Great for yourself or as a present for chilli lovers. Growing chillis has never been more straight-forward! Unit price: £17.99 (approx. €20.15)
Mulato, 45g This fleshy, dark coloured chilli has a chocolatey flavour and is very mild. It can be soaked and then stuffed with rice or feta cheese. Added to sauces and soups it adds great depth to a dish. Unit price: £4.99 (approx. €5.59)
Naga Jolokia Chile, 10g This Chili is one of a sucker hotter then the scolville scale allowes so be prepared for a taste or burning sensation Unit price: £5.99 (approx. €6.71)
Natural Chili Oil, 250ml This handmade blend contains pure cold pressed rapeseed oil, Kashimiri chili and whole Serrano chilis. Use it in your cooking for a bit of nuanced heat or at the table to garnish your dishes. Unit price: £6.99 (approx. €7.83)
New Mexican Chilli Flakes, 25g Great to use in chilli sauces, relishes, and marinades. Unit price: £3.99 (approx. €4.47)
Pasilla, 35g This dried chilaca chilli is almost black with an astringent rich flavour with herby notes. Toasted and ground it is used in table sauces, or in cooked sauces for meat of fish. Unit price: £4.75 (approx. €5.32)
Peperoncino flakes, 25g This sweet but fiercly hot chilli is used in pickles, pasta sauces and tomato-based stews 9/10 Unit price: £2.99 (approx. €3.35)
Piment d' Espelette, 25g This very rare chilli comes from Espelette, in the Catalan speaking region in Southern France and is unique in flavour. Rich, fruity, ripe, with a hint of lemon and raisin. 4-5/10 Unit price: £3.95 (approx. €4.42)
Piquin, 25g This Andean chilli is hot and fruity, with a tart undertone. Used in pickles or slow cooked dishes it releases its heat slowly, so remember, the longer you cook this chilli the hotter the dish gets. Unit price: £4.99 (approx. €5.59)
Serrano Chilli - Whole, 35g Unit price: £4.99 (approx. €5.59)
Somalian X Hot Chilli Powder, 50g Hot, Hot , Hot, 10/10. Use it sparingly. Unit price: £3.45 (approx. €3.86) This product is also available in a tin